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We are over halfway funded for the vinyl pressing of the new Menlo album A Meager Inheritance. We need about 100 pre orders to finish the job to get the album in your hands and on your record player. Click the donate button below to pre-order now. Thanks!

Don’t have a record player? If you live in Salt Lake, go to Randy’s Records and ask them. They know what’s up. Don’t like leaving the safety of your home? Here are some we think you will enjoy, be sure to pick one that works with your existing stereo or has built in speakers based on your personal needs and requirements. Be aware that turntables require a special preamp that provides the RIAA EQ. It will not sound good if you plug a turntable into a standard line in on your stereo system. For more on that read this. We don’t make any money on any of these links, they are simply to help you get started on the path to vinyl enjoyment.

Audio Technical turntable with separate bookshelf speakers here.

A range of other selections below $350 here.

Cheap and easy all in one here.